Monday, August 06, 2007


My good buddy, Jonathan Mark at the New York Jewish Week spilled the beans on the Noah Feldman affair in this past week's paper, revealing that the infamous reunion picture from Maimonides High School was not deliberately cropped to exclude Noah and his obviously goyesque then-fiance.

Rather, Noah and his now-wife as well as people on the other side of the too-wide photograph were cropped for space -- and not ethnic -- considerations.

Moreover, the photographer states that Noah misrepresented the regret he voiced as "sorry for bumping you and your shikse from the picture" when instead he was merely apologizing for cutting him out of the published photo, nothing personal intended.

With the revelation of that inconvenient truth, the entire premise of NoFel's rant -- look how exclusionist the Modern Orthodox are!!! -- is entirely lost.

Scarily, however, both Noah AND his editors at the New York Times Magazine knew this before the article appeared.

So, in addition to the Hah-vahd law professor having a Jewish problem, he also has a credibility problem.

Noah Feldman gives Jews a bad name.