Tuesday, July 03, 2007


What does it mean, the television anchor asked the expert, that the terrorist masterminds in the UK car bombing plot are doctors?

What does it mean, she persisted, horror mixed with incredulity, that these are educated people?

The expert paused and collected his thoughts. And then offered an answer that sounded more like a kid bulls%^&ing his way through a test he failed to study for: that people with a propensity towards science are more easily swayed by extremist ideology.

As Scotland Yard chases down clues and suspects with stunning speed, this rapidly-unfolding international drama has all the ingredients of a major blockbuster film.

Including the plot twist of seemingly harmless doctors revealed to be murderers.

Like the Nazi doctors.

But this century's Nazi ideology is not contained to one continent...or one people. It is hopscotching around the world.

And the film would be thrilling were it not the unfolding of our new reality, minute by terrifying minute.

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