Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Part II

Dear Readers,

I am delighted to bring you the Second Annual Wish List from Berlin, courtesy of my eldest child, Big Babe, who is living the life of the expatriate American writer in the European city widely touted as The New Paris.

Below, reproduced in accurate detail, is Big Babe's request list of items he cannot live without...culled from the various emails we have exchanged over the past week, in advance of my forthcoming trip to Europe.

And while I had visions of minimalist chic travel accessories, I now see that I will be shlepping a monster-size suitcase, hoping that the pungent scent of salami is muffled by the various books and bottles of hot sauce, a condiment that is evidently and disappointingly shvach in the Fatherland.

But I'm not really complaining, indeed, I am thrilled to be journeying to two cities that end with "lin" - Dublin and Berlin -- and cannot wait to spend time with Big Babe in his (hopefully temporary) adopted home. I am merely trying to figure out when I'm going to pick up all this stuff between now and my Thursday night departure.

Without further ado, Big Babe's Berlin Wish List II:

March 8, 2009

Hi Mom!!!!!!!I've been thinking about what I want you to bring - ideally - from the good ol' U S of A. For the moment, here's all the essentials I can think of...also cognizant of the fact that you'll need to schlep these to Ireland and then on to Berlin, so it’s none too extravagant.

From Zabars:

- 3 lbs. French-Italian ground for Melitta.

- 1/2 lb. lox (prepackaged OK)

- Chocolate babka and/ or chocolate rugelach

- .5 - 1 lb of a nice sharp cheddar (totally nonexistent in Germany)

- 2 Vials of Melinda's XXX (German hot sauce just isn't the same)

- Maybe a kosher Salami or two. The hard kind if possible. Spicy too.

No loose cold cuts (they get nasty in transit)

From News Stands:

- Current and one recent issue of the New York Review of Books

- Ditto for the New Yorker

- Maybe a copy of Harpers, The New Republic or The Nation?

From Home:

- That pkg that arrived about a month ago for me

- Another pkg that should be arriving in a week and change

- My video-out mac cable (I'll give you more info on where to find it later this week)

Additionally, if you manage to get your hands of the Everyman's Library edition of Yates, that would be great(s)!!!! and perhaps a bottle of that single malt scotch -- Dalmores -- that dad likes...and if you make it to Trader Joe’s, some of those wonderful tea tree oil wipes would be great!I think that's all...but will let you know if I remember anything else.....love!

March 16, 2009

Let me know if you have any difficulty tracking down / procuring any of the items I requested - among which is a package that ought to arrive in a few days...if we're lucky

March 16, 2009

One more request: Could you pick up the current issue of Sight and Sound? It's a British film magazine. You might have more luck finding it in Ire or Heathrow than in NY...I just saw online that this issue is dedicated to Stanley Kubrick so I'm quite excited.

March 17, 2009

Two more things that spring (!) to mind: my portable external HD (the small gray one...not the larger white one)- last seen on that pine file cabinet that was in the middle of my floor....And a hardbound copy of Edward Lear's The Book of Nonsense, which I believe is on the bookcase next to my desk and the radiator, on the first of second shelf (the books are double stacked...)


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