Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Winter Sun in Berlin: A Postscript

Just to set the record straight about today...technically the sun was shining but the temperature dropped precipitously, hurting my nose when I breathed in, making me practically shake with shivers, though I wore a ludicrous amount of layers.

I hear snow is due tomorrow.

It's the middle of the Berlin night and I'm back home now, after checking out the scene at King Size, a narrow, smoky and fashionably overcrowded club on Friedrichstrasse.

Allegedly there was something called "Artist's Night" there, but I don't know what that meant. I ordered a shockingly overpriced 5 Euro white wine and sat at the bar hoping I looked mysterious instead of rejected. After an hour of wondering if people took me for a spy, I fought my way out of the front door (a process that took more than 10 minutes, seriously) and jumped into a cab after missing the night bus by about 15 seconds.

That's me the night after New Year's Day...bundled up in bed.

About to do the same now.

Guten Nacht.

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