Monday, June 13, 2011

Congressman Creepy Gym Guy

My fellow Americans.

It is with a heavy heart that I second House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi in strenuously calling for Representative Anthony Weiner's resignation after or even before he returns from his treatment at the Hospital for Public (Male) Figures with Irresistible Self Destructive Urges.

Not because of the cock shot (s).

Not because of the Facebook correspondence wherein the word "pussy" appears with disturbing frequency.

Not because of his comments about Jewish girls and oral sex.

Not because of his hairless pec shots.

Not because of his lies to the American public.

Not because of his penchant for "kosher," that is, virtual, cheating.

Not because of his misuse of social media.

But because of the gym shots released by TMZ, posted here courtesy of the NY Post because I like their coverage.

The latest Weiner pix show more than his pecs, nether regions or abs.

They reveal a man who is a raging narcissist, who is THAT GYM GUY, the one who pauses to check himself out in every passing mirror before he checks YOU out.

It turns out that Anthony Weiner is that self-conscious dude who gazes in admiration at his own biceps as he pumps iron, who uses his iPhone or BlackBerry as a mirror to fix his face, who goes to the bathroom to practice his moves in private in an effort to be a chick magnet.

Weiner is that guy whom you suspect of watching your butt when you are on the elliptical; who seems to catch your eye every time you walk across the gym floor.

Somewhere between irritating, pathetic and stalker-like, Weiner is a known quantity.

The thing is that, until very recently, we simply didn't know it.

But now that we do, it's pretty clear that he's gotta go because the American public deserves more than Congressman Creepy Gym Guy.

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