Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pup Meets Skunk

Poor Alfie!

He was hiding under my bed at the bungalow when I arrived yesterday, recuperating from the harrowing experience he had the previous night -- his encounter with a skunk.

I knew about it, of course, as Little Babe texted me the previous night. Entering the cabin, I smelled something vile and pungent. The scent increased as I approached the bedroom.

Of course, it was the aftermath of Alfie's skunk-summit.

Poor little blonde Pomeranian! His fur was matted black and he reeked to the high heavens.

Two baths and one shower later, utilizing Palmolive and Pantene ProV alike, his fur is clean, and the skunky scent is subtle.

Now, he slumbers blissfully on the couch.

Tonight, will he relive the surprise assault in his dreams?

And if so, will he remember it in the morning?

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