Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Scenes from 82nd Street and Broadway in the Middle of a Sunny Day in Early October

Leaving my therapist's office on West End Avenue around midday, I headed over to Broadway to grab a salad at Hale and Hearty. As it was spectacularly sunny, I decided to sit outside and eat my lunch on a bench in the middle of Broadway and 82nd Street.

Here are some cool things I saw:

Near the elevator, Barnes and Noble has a great new section called Discover New Writers.

It was the perfect kick in the pants for a writer who has managed to avoid writing the book that her writing professor and literary agent are both waiting for her to write.

I also bought a couple of Nicholson Baker novels and George Eliot's Daniel Deronda, encouraged by the example set by my friend Jane, who read the latter with one of her sons over the summer.

I still cannot get over the sight of that dog sitting in the stroller.

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