Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bungalow Babe Gets Dressed. Episode Two.

Here I am, in the fitting room of the T.J. Maxx on Columbus and 100th Street in NYC, where I stopped to return a dress between meetings. The decision to photograph myself in a mirror with my iPad was spontaneous and arose from the numerous compliments I received on my ensemble.

Apologies to Angelina for plagiarizing the leg-thrust maneuver. I only struck that pose so that my cool tights would be visible.

The fashion 411:
  • Red pea coat from H&M, acquired about four years ago.
  • Black Vivienne Tam dress from Loehmann's a month ago. Super comfy, super chic, super cheap.
  • Nude tights with black bows from Loehmann's
  • Red fake RayBans from Target.

And you cannot see them but I'm wearing my Dr. Marten's lace-ups.

You'll begin to notice a theme with my wardrobe. Short dresses, preferably black. Color that pops. Hats or sunglasses. Minimalist jewelry. I'll do an up close of my earrings, currently from Swarovski. I'm a huge fan as they offer a rich look on a shoestring.

Comments, please!

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