Friday, June 15, 2012

Bungalow Babe Gets Dressed. Episode #3

Two nights ago, I was a guest of the nearly superhuman Jodi Samuels at the annual gala of JICNY at the Prince George Ballroom on E27th Street.

Here I am, an hour after I arrived home, woozy from lots of wine, lying on my bed, too punchy to get properly undressed.

My outfit for the event featured a little black dress from Zara, which I bought in Manchester, England two summers ago, shimmery Capezio beige tights and a pair of fabulous black patent leather Mary Janes with a four inch heel which I bought for about $20 at some cheap-o store somewhere in some city not New York.

My necklace is a gift from my late mother-in-law, a costume pearl necklace with a dangling pendant.

Because I was worried that my dress might be too immodest for the JICNY gathering, I brought a sheer black shawl with tiny crystals embedded throughout. I fashioned a jacket of sorts, with a wide bow in the back.

I needn't have worried about being too skimpily attired. While some women were surely covered from collarbone to wrist and ankle, many wore dresses that would have fit my Pomeranians better...too short and too tight for comfort. One woman wore a peachy dress that just cleared her pubic bone and had to be yanked down every five seconds.

The JICNY gala was swarming with wonderful people of a range of ages, marital status and lifestyles. The food and music were fantastic. It took every ounce of mommy responsibility to drag myself out and home at a decent hour to make sure that Little Babe was prepared for today's final exam.

As you can see, when I arrived home, I simply flopped down on my bed, outfit and all, and thought about how awesome it is when an event for a good cause is also lots of fun.

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