Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Whilst driving up to Little Babe's school tonight, half an hour late for parent-teacher conferences (yeah, the thing I hadda register for online last week...and, oh, btw, HOBB is in bed, sick after returning from India. Poor little poopsie.) I got a furtive call on my Blackberry.

"Hey, I'm on Amsterdam and 116th," said a voice over the crackling phone line. "I've got your stuff. Roz said I might catch you."
My heart leapt with joy. Earlier, while racing from a meeting on East 59th Street via cab, Roz called and apologized for not delivering my Fat Free Experience Mini Bundt Cakes earlier in the day.

I'm positively addicted to these things but they are hard to find, flying off the shelves at Fairway within minutes of landing. Just yesterday I noticed a phone number on the wrapper of the coffee cake confection I had just scarfed down and called. The friendly Roz told me that I could arrange weekly deliveries...to my home!!!!

Somehow, the morning delivery got off-track, but now Mitch the driver was in my nabe, having just delivered a batch to Garden of Eden.
"Great!" I barked over the phone. "I'll meet him while I'm digging out my van in about 5 minutes." As I clicked the call off, I quelled the inner voice that I was already late for the parent-teacher conferences and a quick transaction on the street would not delay me any more.

Well...five minutes came and went as the cab deposited me next to my snowed-in van. No sign of Mitch. Getting into the minivan, however, I met Little Babe who was walking Alfie the Pomeranian (http://alfie-pomeranian.blogspot.com/) and who watched in shock and awe as I drove my way out of the snowbank, lurching forward and backward, weaving, pitching, nearly killing half the faculty of Columbia University.

Amazingly, I got the minivan out, shouted goodbye to Little Babe through the open window and started burning rubber to make it the second half of the parent-teacher conferences. As I was humming along Amsterdam Avenue, Mitch called to say he was on my corner.

Oy. Dilemma. I deliberated for about, oh, half a second before executing a quick Youeee and screeching down Amsterdam. Parked in front of Camille's, there was Mitch, holding two cake boxes with my muffins. I pulled up alongside him, smiled winningly, handed him the cash and drove off with my fix.

Fresh from their Bronx bakery, the little low-carb bundt cakes are pretty close to heaven. And almost guilt-free. Especially if you forget about parent-teacher conferences.

So, here's Bungalow Babe's hot tip for the week. Visit http://www.fatfreeny.com/ to arrange for a home -- or curbside -- delivery of these goodies.

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