Thursday, October 16, 2008

John McCain Makes an Ass of Himself


Of all the cringeworthy moments in last night's third and final presidential debate -- courtesy of John "Road Rage" McCain -- it is hard to decide just which one made the Republican candidate appear most like a deranged and embittered old coot.

Certainly, the sneering tone of disrespect he used when he addressed his opponent immediately gave the American public the impression that this man is unfit to represent the diverse populace of this great nation. And then, there were his out-of-control facial tics -- scowls, eye rolls, snarky smiles and most notably the "I'm-counting-to-ten-before-losing-my-temper-and-clocking-him" look, which occured practically every time Barack Obama answered one of Bob Schieffer's questions.

Perhaps it was his whiny complaint that Obama ignored his invitation to hold Town Hall-format discussions...which he lobbed as a complete non-answer to Schieffer's question about running negative campaigns that put us in mind of a grumpy old person having a tantrum because he didn't get to go to the diner he wanted to go to.

Or maybe it was when he snarled that Barack Obama should have run for president four years earlier (after Obama inferred that McCain was a proxy for George W. Bush and his policies), that we concluded he was having a senile regression to his childhood and was in the middle of a retort to some long-dead schoolyard enemy: No! Maybe you should have run for president four years earlier! Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!

Let's face it -- McCain's performance was a 10 on the embarrassment scale. There were so many oy vey to choose the defining one?

Watching John McCain lose his dignity on national television?


And as horrible as it has been to see this once-decent man go sloughing through the mud, desperately trying to dirty his opponent, I guess that I should thank Gran'pa John for bringing a new kind of marital harmony to my household over the past month.

You see, never before have I so thoroughly enjoyed snuggling up next to HOBB (Husband of Bungalow Babe) on our living room couch (Alfie and Nala the Pomeranians perched dutifully nearby) as during the airing of the three recent presidential - and vice presidential - debates.

Never before have I felt more bonded to HOBB as when we look to each other with a "he said what?" expression after John McCain fires another below-the-belt zinger at Barack "Cool Hand Luke" Obama.

But Obama has proven to be a man of steel and McCain's bullets merely bounce off of him.

While McCain becomes ever more villainous. Or pathetic.

And speaking of Super Heroes, click on the link below to see an absolutely GENIUS clip from the old television show Batman, featuring a debate between Batman and the Penguin. This clip arrived in my email today with the subject line message: Life Imitates Art.

Indeed it does. Please take a moment to view video. You will marvel at how contemporary and relevant it is:

So, the 2008 presidential debates are over and the polls show that Barack Obama is the clear winner. Even Joe the Plumber couldn't save McCain. By the end of today, we know that Joe is no plumber, he owes years worth of back taxes and his name is not even Joe. The persona he constructed is as fictitious as McCain's claims against Obama.

As John McCain repeatedly disgraces himself before the nation (and laughing stock Sarah Palin is kept hidden from the media) unflappable Barack Obama rises higher and higher in the public esteem, proving himself not only smart, reasonable, decent, well-versed and as McCain states, "eloquent," but also a genuine class act. His restraint in the face of the insults and lies of the McCain/Palin campaign has been nothing short of heroic.

We already know that he is an international Super Star.

But he is also something else.

He is the Super Hero who can save America.

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