Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Reanimation of the Clock, Tick by Tock

While I have made a point of refraining from writing about what takes place within the inner sanctum of my J School classroom, today I am posting a project for my Evidence and Inference class, administered by Dean Nicholas Lemann.

It is not that I am so eager to share with you my uber-amateur photographs of Ground Zero and questionable captioning skills. Nor am I especially proud of the 125-word (give or take 50) description I finally edited down from 479 words.

The thing is that we have to present our projects in class and I have no idea how to do Power Point. Seems that the other members of my team are similarly at a loss...or buried under mounds of work.

While dashing across the flurry-dusted campus earlier last night, the solution hit me like a snowball tossed by a mischievous child: I would post my work here, thereby sharing my work with the world at large.

So, without further ado, I present my photography project of Ground Zero, which I have entitled "Reanimating the Clock, Tick by Tock." The "rejected" six photos appear in their own post, immediately above this one.

Desolate and industrial, dirty and depressing, the area of Manhattan known as Ground Zero is a paradoxical site. It is New York’s most haunted and hallowed place yet it is also a construction zone whose workers appear to have walked off the job…until very recently.

Now, the mood of the site shifts dramatically with the time of day and the day of the week. During morning and evening rush hour, streams of commuter overflow its narrow streets. At other times of day and on weekends, however, the space still appears populated primarily by vagrants, voyeurs, visionaries and vendors of 9/11 memorabilia.

A notable addition to the area – unique to this season -- is the Salvation Army volunteers in their trademark red uniforms, collection buckets and bells.

In my original hypothesis I wrote, “The overwhelming impression of Ground Zero is of a clock that has stopped, mid-tick.” Now, it is more accurate to state that the chief impression is of an entire metropolis engaged in the act of bringing this clock back to life.


Evening Rush Hour.

Ground Zero Through a Cemetery at Night.

Century 21 at Night.

Danger. Dawn at Ground Zero.

Ground Zero Wakes Up.

Ground Zero Staircase.

Construction Site Through Grid.

Jumping Security Guard.

Exit Only.

Morning Rush Hour.

Epoch Times.

Conversation. The View from the World Financial Center.

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