Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burning Down the House

From Merry Old England comes a mega-depressing story about how riots by rabidly anti-Israel protestors -- most of them Palestinian -- in London's Covent Gardens succeeded in closing down the Ahava store, leading purveyor of Dead Sea beauty products.

Reminds me of how different Europe and the United States are though surely similar protests have started here. I will remain optimistic that public outcry would prevent such a thing -- the actual shuttering of a business -- from happening on American soil.

This story reinforces my belief that European anti-Semitism did not end in the post-Shoah era; it just became unbearably gauche...for, oh, about half a century.

Now it has become socially acceptable as long as it masquerades as anti-Zionism.

Ironic note: Ahava means LOVE.

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