Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Break-Fast of Champions

Briefly, because HOBB really wants to go to sleep and the glare of the laptop acts like a searchlight in an otherwise-dark bungalow, here's what I did once Tisha B'Av ended at 8:35 p.m:

  • Ate (scrambled eggs, avocado, tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese) and drank (lots of water and a strong cup of Oren's Beowulf Blend coffee w/organic half and half)
  • Hightailed it to Straub's Fitness @ 9:20 to run three miles on the elliptical machine while watching the first 36 minutes of Let Me In in the Cardio Theater...once again. (Actually I had only previously seen the first 30 minutes so I saw 6 scary new minutes!)
  • Drove to the ShopRite just up the hill and sashayed through the nearly empty store, singing aloud to the BeeGees songs they were playing, getting scared afresh by the middle-aged clerk with the black hair who looks like an escaped mental patient, wondering if I could really pull off a Flash Mob dance in the freezer section, and, oh yeah, buying stuff
  • Came home and ate the nectarines I bought at ShopRite while HOBB yelled at the customer service people at Netflix because we couldn't download the movie program from their site
  • Snuggled with HOBB on our creaky bungalow bed a short while later to watch The Resident on Netflix, probably the dumbest and most boring thriller I have ever seen (my choice, because HOBB was too burnt out to even think about making a movie selection)
Before I left Straub's I found out that they're showing The Bodyguard tomorrow -- which is actually later today -- so I've gotta sign off in order to get there @ 7 a.m. to get in my workout before a killer-diller work day in Manhattan followed by the FREE Laurie Anderson concert at Lincoln Center Out of Doors and a business meeting/karaoke at Soldier McGee's around 10 p.m.

And late, late, late at night -- which might technically be tomorrow morning -- HOBB gets to choose the Netflix movie, which we'll watch together on the non-creaky king-size bed of our apartment if I choose to stay in the city overnight, trading in one paradise for another.

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