Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Groove Without End: Ayn Sof Arkestra on the Hudson. Moon Included.

If you think this looks like a spaceship has just landed on the banks of the Hudson, you're not completely out of your mind.

This is a picture of last night's Mostly Music performance by the Ayn Sof Arkestra at Memorial Park in Nyack and to borrow a cliche, it was out of this world; groove without end, musical mayhem, shock waves of aesthetic ecstasy.

Sometimes frantic, always funky, Ayn Sof Arkestra is a host of stellar musicians who delight and swing with their original compositions. Founded by musical gedolim Rabbi Greg Wall and Frank London, ASA fuses klezmer, jazz, soul, secret agent tracks, funk and hipster sounds. With young talent Zach Mayer, (son of my friend Lisa Mayer, a klezmer queen herself) as well as grown-up greats Jordan Hirsch, Paul Shapiro, Mike Cohen, Jessica Lurie, Marty Fogel, Rob Henke, Pam Fleming, Ben Williams, Art Baron, Aaron Alexander, Uri Sharlin, Fima Ephron and Yoshie Fruchter, they left me plotzing, kvelling, rocking, rolling and reeling.

Ayn Sof Arkestra presented a holistic, body-slamming, mind-bending trip last night to everyone who was lucky enough to be there. As a huge orange moon rose over the Hudson, I thought I discerned the silhouettes of angels hovering over the bandshell.

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The Joe Kramer said...

Hey BBabe, Great meeting you last night and thanks for the drink. Was this the post i was supposed to check out?-