Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Lies Beneath

Well, one of the central mysteries of our summer has now been solved.

While approaching the bungalow upon his return from camp yesterday, Little Babe announced, "Nala is playing with an animal skull. So that's why she's basically been under the cabin all summer."

Stalking outdoors, I saw, indeed, that our pudgy little Pom was babysitting skeletal remains...with teeth. Some were attached, others had fallen onto the ground. Little Babe and his camp buddies looked on with mildly horrified gazes.

When I reached out my hand to retrieve my Little Pomette from beneath the bungalow, she growled at she had done all summer when I sought to coax her out and into the sunshine.

Suddenly, everything was illuminated. But I wasn't really surprised. I knew there was some reason our little dog was drawn to sit in the dank underbelly of our summer shack, a task she had undertaken, a dedicated stewardship, a mission, a cause that helped shape her days, giving her a reason for being.

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